Spirit of Serving

Opportunities abound for volunteers to help at St. John’s Lutheran School.  Here family and staff work together to enhance the range of experiences offered to our students.  Without our parent volunteers, many programs and activities would simply not be possible.  Volunteers need not be limited to parents, however, since any adult extended family member is welcome to become involved. Opportunities to serve are as varied as the talents of those who send children to St. John's.
Our Volunteer Guidelines outline the basic philosophy of volunteering and give an overview of expectations.  The Volunteer Handbook expands the information on how to volunteer and gives an extensive list of opportunities to serve. 
S.O.S. – The Spirit Of Serving is St. John's program to encourage and record family participation hours.  Every family is responsible for 30 hours of service over the course of the school year.  There are so many ways to serve the church and school that parents will have no problem exceeding that! During the course of the school year, opportunities to serve are continually made known. Hours served are recorded on the report form and submitted to the school office.
What benefit staff and volunteers working together will bring to our students!



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