Scrip is a gift card-buying program that allows each parent the opportunity to receive a percentage of the credit on the cards purchased to help pay the registration fee for the following year. The program involves a 50/50 split of that percentage between the parent and the school.

The program works as follows: Each parent can purchase gift cards at face value. The benefit is that the percentage give-back from the gift card distributor is given to the school who will give half of the credit back to the buyer on their account for registration. The other half goes into the school's scholarship fund. Each participant in the Scrip program has the option to take the 50% credit for themselves or also give it to the scholarship fund. Other supporters who buy from Scrip can designate a family to receive the 50% registration fee credit or have all the money go to the scholarship fund.

Participation is, of course, optional. Order forms are always available in the school office. This list of places that accept Scrip cards is available online at ShopWithScrip. These orders should be dropped off in the church or school office by Friday of each week along with payment for the order. Gift cards are then available for pickup the following Thursday.
All ordering and receiving of gift cards can also be done online as is explained in the Scrip flyer.

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