School Board Goals for 2018-2019

  • Communication: Provide an open and productive system of communication that builds stronger relationships within and around St. John’s, especially with these four target audiences.
    • With congregation and church leaders
      • continue Board Briefs
      • report board activities and decisions at each CLC and voter’s meeting
    • With parents
      • create a climate of trust and openness that invites parent input; then provide a useful means to gather parents’ opinions.
      • devise ways to communicate the work and decisions of the board to parents; include principal search progress.
      • develop a plan to have board representation at school activities; wear name tags at these events.
      • check content of student parent handbook.
    • With faculty
      • send summaries to faculty about work of committees and decisions of the board.
      • require feedback and updates on the use of all curricula, with specifics provided for the new science materials.
    • With school administration
      • have board chairman meet regularly with administrator to plan, assess, and strategize.
  • Structural Foundation: Strengthen structural foundation of St. John’s School
    • Add necessary policies. – through the work and goals set by the policy committee
    • Assure that adequate progress is made on NLSA work. – JZ will guide and oversee the work of Donna Woock and Kim Bimler
    • Stimulate development of technology plan. – Jen to guide Verne and committee
    • Effectively hold accountable those responsible for development of:
      • New employee orientation packet and mentoring plan
      • Staff development plan
      • Faculty handbook
      • Personnel manual
      • Organizational chart
      • Salary and benefit scale
  • Board Accountability: Ensure that all decisions align with its vision and values
    • Ensure accountability to our vision and values.
      • Continue to create and review policies.
      • Conduct financial planning that aligns with vision and values.
    • Provide and receive support for school growth.
      • Adhere to principal review timeline with board chairman and principal review committee meeting regularly with administration.
      • Listen, support, and create school relation policies.
      • Provide various avenues for parents to contribute feedback.
      • Be a welcoming presence at school events.
    • Assure that all committees that report to the school board have developed goals that are aligned with the board’s vision and values and are making steps toward achieving them.
      • Alumni
      • Athletic
      • Marketing
      • Mosaic
      • PAWS
      • Policy
      • Principal Review
      • Various personnel searches
  • Marketing: Create and develop a marketing committee to support the growth efforts of the school by completing the following strategies.
    • Commission a marketing committee through the school board.
    • Set goals for the committee.
    • Recruit volunteers to help develop an action plan with strategic initiatives to be carried out throughout the year.
    • Work with administration to coordinate any participation in events.
    • Report back to the school board quarterly on action/events and overall progress.
    • Keep track of success of different initiatives for use at a later date.

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