Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

At St. John's Lutheran School, kindergarteners learn by doing.  They grow through playing, listening, discovering, pretending, reading, writing, watching, and exploring.  Learning activities are designed to encourage academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth in a nurturing and caring Christian environment that provides fun and a feeling of family for each student.


  • Religion - Children learn that God created them, forgives their sins, and loves them all the time.  They study a new Bible story each week to help them learn about God's love for all people.  Children participate in worship at weekly chapel services and join in prayer and praise in the classroom. 

Language Arts

  • Language Arts - Students learn at a level that is right for them as they develop reading and writing skills. The curriculum focuses on three main areas.
    • Word Work:  Students are taught recognition of upper and lower case letters, connecting letters and sounds, rhymes, sight words, decoding skills, blending sounds, and phonemic awareness.  Literacy centers and small guided reading groups allow children time to practice these skills.
    • Listening/Comprehension:  Stories are read aloud using Big Books.  Students listen and respond to stories by predicting, retelling, answering questions, and discussing.
    • Writing:  Writing skills are developed through journal writing where at first they use invented spelling.  Students learn to write sentences using punctuation while also becoming aware of action words (verbs) and describing words (adjectives).  Writing is often related to a theme the students have been studying.


  • Math - A hands-on approach gives students opportunities to practice patterning, sorting, counting, comparing, graphing, estimating, and simple adding and subtracting.  Daily calendar time immerses students in number recognition, patterning, rote counting, and place value.


  • Science - Kindergartners learn about God’s world as they study the seasons, weather, plants, animals, and the five senses.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies - Little learners develop an awareness of different people and cultures by studying Native Americans, community helpers, life in the Arctic, and so much more.


  • Computer - Students learn to log on and enjoy time on the computer and on tablets. Educational games allow them to build computer proficiency while practicing skills which support classroom instruction.


  • Art - Students have wonderful opportunities to experience, observe, and manipulate a variety of art media.  The process of experimentation is many times more important than the finished product.  Projects often relate to topics being studied, and creativity is encouraged.

Physical Education

  • PE - Balls skills, group games, rules, safety, and fitness help students develop strong, healthy bodies.


  • Music — Children participate in music through singing, listening, moving, and dancing.  Matching pitch and feeling the beat are practiced.  Students also participate in choir and have opportunities to praise God in song both in church and in daily classroom singing.

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