5th Grade Curriculum Overview

At St. John's Lutheran School, fifth graders focus on strengthening skills across the curriculum and especially in language arts and math as preparation for middle school. Hands-on activities are utilized whenever possible, while worksheets and workbooks are used to practice and master educational skills.


  • Religion — Fifth graders study Old Testament stories and discover how they relate to us today. They learn about the promises God makes to us and about the coming of Jesus and the role of the shepherds, the wise men, and Mary.  They study the seasons of the church year and what the liturgical colors mean that are associated with each season.

Language Arts

  • Language Arts — All of the language arts curricula are connected to common core learning standards for fifth grade.  Students continue to explore literature as the basis for what they learn. They work in small groups to read a novel and then discuss the story and its meaning with the rest of the class. In preparation for middle school, students work to improve their writing skills through the continued focus on sentence construction and punctuation as they write narratives, descriptions, explanations, letters, invitations, reports, poetry, stories, and plays.


  • Math — Math is also core curriculum skill-based.  The students continue to work with fractions, multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication/division of one/two/three digit numbers, estimation to determine reasonableness, measuring using the metric system, ratios, geometric concepts, data collection/graphing, decimals, and problem solving.


  • Science — Students explore the life processes of living things. They learn about photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration, differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, habitats, molecules, chemical reactions, energy types, fossil fuel, rock formations, weather, satellites, and the solar system.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies — Fifth graders study natural resources, the economy, trade, the American Revolution, slavery, and the birth of our country. They continue to work on understanding relationships between geographic factors and society.  They also work with graphs and maps.


  • Computer — Students use the computer to work on special projects such as the Young Writers books or Learning Fair projects and to supplement information for other subject areas. They also learn keyboarding, word processing skills, and internet skills.


  • Art/PE — In art the children are taught about well-known artists and the various elements of art.  They specifically focus on learning about line and texture.  P.E. instruction helps them continue to develop their motor skills with particular emphasis on mastering skills for various athletic activities.  


  • Music — The Junior Choir has many opportunities to explore music while in the classroom and also by singing for worship services at St. John's Lutheran Church.  They also go on tour and visit assisted living facilities to share the love of God through music.  At this level, the students are also encouraged to continue their participation in the St. John's Lutheran School's band program.

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