4th Grade Curriculum Overview

At St. John's Lutheran School, fourth grade is a major turning point for students to become true independent learners. Building on the third grade introduction to organization and self-discipline, this grade takes students to the next level of responsibility.


  • Religion— By using the Bible daily, fourth graders understand the need for confession and know that we are forgiven; they also recognize that God is faithful and keeps His promises. Fourth graders utilize their study habits in continuing to learn more about God's Word, prayer, and worship. Memory work is an integral part of the learning experience.

Language Arts

  • Language Arts— The fourth grade language arts curriculum is connected to common core standards.  Students continue to work on interpreting and evaluating many types of literature. They work in small groups to read a novel and discuss the story and its meaning with the rest of the class. Students work on improving their writing skills to prepare for fifth grade work.  They do this through continued focus on sentence construction and punctuation as they write narratives, descriptions, explanations, letters, invitations, reports, poetry, stories, and plays.


  • Math— Math studies are also based on common core standards.  The students continue to work with place value and adding and subtracting whole numbers.  With those building blocks mastered, students learn multiplication and division of multiple digit numbers.  From there they expand their knowledge by working on fractions, decimals, measurement using the metric system, perimeter, area, identifying geometric forms, and problems solving.


  • Science— In fourth grade students explore the life processes of all living things including both plants and animals. They learn about photosynthesis and about cells and their functions.  They build on that knowledge to gain an understanding of body systems including the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, and skeletal system along with how good nutrition plays a vital role in the way these systems function. Fourth graders also learn about the environment, ecosystems, natural resources, weather, and the water cycle.  They also study units on space, matter, elements, and electricity.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies— Fourth graders begin the year learning about democracy and the three branches of government. They study the different regions of the United States by learning about history, economy, culture, resources, landforms, and environment.  They begin learning about the states, their capitals, and what makes each state unique.  Fourth graders also focus on Illinois history and spend time working with graphs, maps, and how geographical factors affect society.


  • Computer— Students use the computer to work on special projects such as assigned research projects, Young Writers books, or Learning Fair projects along with finding supplemental information for other subject areas. They also expand their keyboarding and word processing skills.


  • Art/PE— Children are exposed to both physical and cultural experiences that will continue to help them grow.


  • Music — The Children's Choir has many opportunities to explore music while in the classroom and enhancing the worship at St. John's Lutheran Church. In fourth grade, children start working with recorders and are able to join the band program.

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