2nd Grade Curriculum Overview

The primary focus of second grade at St. John's Lutheran School is to continue building strong language arts and math skills along with developing a higher level of independence as learners. The curriculum emphasizes personal responsibility for remembering to complete work assignments and using time in the classroom wisely.  Individual needs of students are addressed to allow for growth and success.


•  Study Bible lessons that show the miracles of Jesus.
•  Learn about the love of Jesus and that He is always with us.
•  Rejoice that we can trust God always.
•  Memorize short Bible verses and prayers.

Language Arts

Language Arts
•  Includes Common Core skills in the areas of reading, grammar, writing, and handwriting.
•  Strengthen listening, phonics, and vocabulary skills.
•  Develop comprehension by reading stories from a variety of different genres.
•  Participate in guided reading groups, literacy centers, and computer activities.
•  Learn to write using punctuation correctly to build sentences, paragraphs, stories, poetry, and letters.
•  Practice cursive writing.
•  Enhance comprehension through use of the Accelerated Reader program.


•  Learn proficiency in counting, reading, and writing numbers.
•  Work on number patterns and place value.
•  Identify odd and even numbers.
•  Practice adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers.
•  Explore fractions, learn to tell time, work with money, and measure things.
•  Record and analyze data with charts and graphs.


•  Read about plants and animals, environments, and energy.
•  Investigate rocks and fossils, weather, matter, motion, and forces.

Social Studies

Social Studies
•  Study communities including neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, and our world.
•  Explore different places people live and work.
•  Learn about our earth and its resources.
•  Investigate people and places in history.
•  Participate in a Thanksgiving play.


•  Practice basic keyboarding skills.
•  Use online games and resources from reading and math curriculum.


•  Nurture creativity.
•  Express themselves through a variety of art media and technique.


•  Work with basic fundamental skills and fitness development.
•  Learn a variety of new games.
•  Participate in swimming each Friday at the Elgin Centre.

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