1st Grade Curriculum Overview

The primary focus of our first grade at St. John's Lutheran School is building a strong language arts and math skills foundation for future learning.


  • Religion — The primary focus is on Jesus' love for us. Bible stories are taught and applied to the lives of first graders and their families.

Language Arts

  • Language Arts — The curriculum concentrates on correlating sounds and letters, differentiating different words and pictures, constructing literal meaning, identifying main ideas, identifying main characters, defining and determining the plot of a story, identifying rhymes, learning how to follow directions, interpreting and analyzing  stories read aloud, as well as spelling age appropriate words. Grammar and creative writing topics in first grade include learning about capitalization, punctuation, past and present tense verbs, compound words, writing complete sentences and questions, learning how to write letters and stories by choosing a topic and planning/writing/making changes. Additionally, the focus is placed on working with your child to develop their speaking skills by having them give directions, tell about themselves, hold conversations, tell and read stories orally.


  • Math — Problem solving is a critical component of our math program. Computational skills of addition, subtraction, money, time, and fractions are also addressed. Hands-on skills are developed using games to complete this area of study.


  • Science — Experiments and books are used to help students learn about the human body, matter, living things, weather and seasons, magnets, and earth's land and water.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies — First-graders will go on various journeys to explore landforms, neighborhoods, different cultures, and history. They will develop map skills and use graphs and charts to learn about their world.


  • Computer — Students learn how to log onto the computer and practice basic typing skills including lessons on capitalization, indenting, adding spaces, and inserting pictures into their work.


  • Art/PE — Children are exposed to both physical and cultural experiences that will continue to help them grow.


  • Music — The primary choir has many opportunities to explore music while in the classroom.  They also enhance the worship at St. John's Lutheran Church.

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