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tablet displaying american flagEnriched by Tradition

150 years of expertise form the foundation for what St. John's offers to its students.  Built on that long tradition of education coupled with faithful teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, St. John's adds a fifth "C" of Christianity to the four 21st Century learning themes of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.  Launching its educational experiences from such a long tradition of excellence, the school is well-equipped to stand on a firm foundation as it looks forward to utilizing current teaching methodology in meeting the needs of students today.



 Inspired by Ingenuity

From the creativity of our very youngest students to the advanced critical thinking of our older classes, St. John's continually works to meet the real needs of students today.  The teachers prepare their students' learning experiences to create opportunities for developing 21st Century learning skills as they practice critical thinking and problem solving with their students, enhance their communication skills, work to teach positive collaboration, and strive to inspire creativity within each child.  Newer approaches such as these, that also utilize a variety of technology advances, not only outperform older methods of teaching and learning, but they also do a superior job of equipping the students of today to successfully embrace their future.

By providing learning that is more active and student focused, St. John’s faculty inspires ingenuity within each student and excites a greater passion for learning.

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